The Cooper project was a project we did for a very good family friend. Tom & Linda Cooper are very nice people who gave us total faith and trust throughout the project. They were very good to work with and understood the importance of having a design done and agreed upon prior to starting the work. The design was just a sketch design that I will do for any customer at no charge that uses us for the install. The design was created by the homeowner and I bouncing ideas off of each other and it turned out great.

The mark of a good company is doing what you agreed upon. The mark of a great company is exceeding expectations. I have been very pleased with Scenic View and especially Brandon Calder. He not only delivered what he said he would, but surprised me by coming out to our home and winterizing our system the first year. This was something I expected to do myself. He was responsive to our questions and sincere in wanting us to have a yard that we could be proud of.

Scenic View Landscaping and Brandon Calder are on my list of recommendations whatever anyone asks about landscaping.

Thanks again, Brandon!

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