Scenic View Landscape will take care of all your landscape installation needs. From the simple to the elaborate, commercial or residential, we want to help you develop your exterior landscape into a place you will enjoy and want to share. Have your own plan? Great, we’ll use it. If you don’t, we can design it with your ideas and ours; together we will make it happen. Our experience will show as we work with you.

Xeriscape is how you can have a beautiful, colorful landscape with native, drought-tolerant plants and rocks that will also save a precious commodity –water- not to mention lower your water bill. Xeriscape can reduce water use by 60%. Water-saving smart controllers on irrigation systems can reduce landscape water use by an additional 50%. Since Utah is a desert, why not design your landscape for our climate? The word Xeriscape was coined by combining xeros, Greek for “dry” with landscape.

Water Features

Imagine… the subtle sound of running water, a waterfall, a bubbling brook, beautiful aquatic plants— there isn’t a better place to enjoy the soothing sounds of water, than in your own backyard.

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